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GFI WebMonitor - Real-time Monitor and Control Your Web Traffic

Tired of manually entering website URLs to your proxy server or firewall router?

GFI WebMonitor lets you define web filtering and web browsing policies to help enforce an effective Internet Usage Policy. Administrators can allow or restrict access to different website categories as well as setting time or bandwidth thresholds, on a per user or per IP basis. GFI WebMonitor’s extensive site categorization database, with coverage of over 280,000,000 domains that are updated daily, enables you to manage what sites your users can browse while blocking access to websites in particular categories, such as adult materials, gaming, personal email, P2P, social networks like Facebook and MySpace, and more.


GFI WebMonitor itself is a proxy server for HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and it runs on even a Windows XP SP3 PC!

GFI WebMonitor features granular policy control and full integration with Windows ActiveDirectory (AD) if available.

Take a look at the exciting features offered by GFI WebMonitor and witness the flexibility and power management of Internet activities by trying the 30-day full-feature trial today!

GFI LanGuard - Network Vulnerability Scanner and Patch Management

GFI LanGuardGFI LanGuard is an award-winning network security and vulnerability scanner used by thousands of customers. GFI LanGuard provides a complete network security overview with minimal administrative effort, while also providing remedial action through its patch management features.

 What GFI LanGuard can do for you?

  • Automated patch management for Microsoft and other application software
  • Deployment of custom software and scripts
  • Over 45,000 vulnerability assessments carried out across your network, including virtual environment
  • Agent-less or agent-based auditing
  • Reduces the total cost of ownership by centralizing vulnerability scanning, patch management and network auditing
  • Can assist with PCI DSS compliance.

Want to manage your network and computer security in a dashboard? Download and install the full-feature 30-day trial now!

Build Cost Effective and Resilient IT Infrastructure via Virtualization

ImageIrregardless of company size, IT has become an indispensable part of running successful business operations.

Most of the time, IT means only purchasing software together with expensive servers. Over the years, typical SME IT infrastructure consists of a mixture of old and new servers and plus a mess of software. Furthermore, SME has no simple and resilient IT infrastructure that safeguards their mission critical servers that their day-to-day operations are rely on. Would it be great if a simple IT setup can come with cost saving, scalability, investment protection and even high availability (HA) in mind?

Virtualization is the answer. In layman terms, server virtualization means consolidating many physical servers into a few powerful servers reserving their individual functionality to the end users. (Yes, from the users' point of view, there exists a number of servers in the company environment but practically there is only one or a few servers.)

GFI - The affordable IT Solutions for SMB

ImageGFI Software provides the single best source of network security, content security and messaging software for small to medium sized businesses. With award-winning technology, an aggressive pricing strategy, and a strong focus on the unique requirements of small to medium sized businesses, GFI Software satisfies the needs of SMB organizations on a global scale since 1992.

There are 3 main categories of GFI product lines, i.e. Web & Mail Security (GFI MailEssentials, GFI MailSecurity, GFI MailDefence Suite, GFI WebMonitor), Archiving & Fax (GFI MailArchiver for Microsoft Exchange, GFI Faxmaker) and Networking & Security (GFI LANguard, GFI EventsManager, GFI ServersMonitor, GFI EndpointSecurity).

GFI is now giving attractive pricing to be inline with the global economic situation. GFI LANguard is freeware for 5-IP scanning, and GFI Home Backup is full-feature freeware for home and personal backup purposes.

To have an overview of how GFI can help your business, click here!

Manage Your Corporate Network Environment

With the increasing complexity of modern business development, computer networks -- especially in the corporate environment, are playing an important role to provide fast and stable connectivity to all computer users.

However, it is very common for business owners or IT administrator to overlook the importance of network switches.


The dumb switch era is ending. It is time for corporate world to seriously look into their computer networks for manageability, high availability and security!


We have experts who deals with HP ProCruve, Cisco and even Extreme Networks managed switches, routers and devices. Talk to us about your corporate network and we will transform it! 


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