Open Source Software Print

ImageThe proliferation of Linux and various security flaws of Windows operating systems has drawn attentions to Open Source Software (OSS) in recent years.


People start to realise that they have variety of choices and the Open Source Software, especially many of them are Free Open Source Software (FOSS). The creative craft and thumbs-up comments of many software have been helping many organisations and companies to save costs and re-allocate their investment to other aspect of IT to gain higher return of investments (ROI).


Some famous examples are


  • Apache Web Server - The world's No.1 web server used on the Internet. Stable, reliable and multi-platform support.

  • Open Office - Free office productivity suite aims at Microsoft Office users.

  • Firefox and Thunderbird - A secure and feature-rich web browser and email client that features security and many functions that Microsoft did not add to Internet Explorer.

  • MySQL and PostgreSQL - The most popular databases used on the Internet, driving many websites to provide dynamic contents services.

As we ourselves are Open Source Software users, we are most happy to be an advocator of OSS to the public. Should you need to look for software (Free) OSS to fit your specific purposes, we would be obliged to offer our services.